Brothers and sisters

As it is said, sisters and brothers are as close as our hands and feet. We are born from the same stock and care for our parents and each other. We grow up, laugh, and cry together. We are the best of friends. We cherish each other’s company till the end. We may bicker, but we are always each other’s support system….

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Parenting Badge.pngAs It Is said “A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside—

When a tiny heartbeat is heard for

The very first time,

And a playful kick reminds her

That she is never alone.”

The minute a lady knows she has conceived her happiness knows no bounds as the gift she will get is priceless. She experiences both heaven and hell during pregnan

cy but It Is worth everything.It Is said “The littlest feet, make the biggest footprints in our hearts.”

My journey Is going to begin with this parenting series. A little insight into how a first time mother to be feels.The minute I experienced this , the feeling was ethereal.It was bliss as I knew that the baby entering my life would strengthen the bond of love with my spouse and make my home happier.

Pampering began as soon as we relayed the news to our respective families.But along with that a lot of unsolicited advice was handed down by friends and relatives.Their experiences were enough to send shivers down my spine.But I decided to listen with one ear and take It out of the other.I wanted to enjoy every moment of my pregnancy.

I had my aww moment when I got my first sonogram done after conception.The doctor explained in detail the growth and development of the foetus.On hearing the baby’s first heart beat I was on top of the world.

The precautions doled out were many but for my little angel , I could go to any length.The first trimester is a dicey affair as the foetus is growing, so shocks and jerks have to be prevented.I was following everything to a tee when after the first trimester I developed”Pregnancy Abruption”.This is risky for mother and child, so I was put on heavy medication.

It was anxiety thereafter as I was given bed rest and I had to be cautious of any changes occuring during the gestational period.Digestion and Insomnia problems engulfed me.I tried to keep calm but anxiety was killing me.

The last trimester again put me into choppy waters as I developed a severe backproblem, which was giving me nightmares.I couldn’t twist or turn, even going to the loo was a difficult task.Due to the excruciating pain I couldn’t eat or sleep for twenty days.I felt I would sink inspite of assurances from my doctor.

My mom seeing me in so much pain was getting upset , then she approached a homeopath to look into my condition.My gynaec couldn’t diagnose the problem and my health was deteriorating.The homeopathic sweet pellets did the trick and I recouped.

I was going through hell but my only aim was to give birth and hold my baby in my arms.It was a hot may evening still two weeks before my due date, when I felt fluid coming out.I was scared to the hilt and my family rushed me to the hospital.The water bag had burst and the doctor decided to go in for a C-section immediately.

A bit scared still I remained calm, I knew the doctor would do her best.I was wheeled into the O.T. and soon administered anaesthesia.It was at night I delivered but I saw the baby in the morning.I had been too fatigued and groggy after the dilevery.

As soon as the nurse handed me the little cherub, tears of joy and satisfaction flowed from my eyes.

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